Critical perspective: Dissertation Proposal OGR


  1. Hey Krissy - before Kath takes a look, you need to include your 'Research Proforma so far' too so Kath can see what you're reading/looking at already...

  2. Hi Krissy - Do you still have the Gnomon DVD's you borrowed?

  3. Your working title and synopsis are developing sufficiently although I did wonder if it’s appropriate to abbreviate like that in a title – could you find a way to rephrase the question?
    Perhaps consider in the synopsis breaking down the ideas further and take a more logical progression through them
    Chapter 1 where do you start- I think possibly with Immersion as a feature of postmodern creative practice and the notion of the virtual- you need a clearer idea about how these notions have evolved in technology, culture and postmodern theory- particular with the internet- hyper text/ hyper reality etc
    Read something like Teach Yourself Postmodernism by Glen Ward.
    The history and development of gaming and new media is context you should also explore.
    I would also recommend some fundamental reading around this subject in relation to visual culture Practices of Looking: an introduction to visual culture by Marita Sturken and But is it Art by Cynthia Freedland which looks at digitisation and dissemination
    These themes are also explored in postmodern film
    Chapter 2
    Look at the obvious writers like Baudrillard – consider his relationship to postmodern theory and new cultural artefacts such as games- you are also missing reception theory and particularly ideas coming out of poststructuralism connected to interaction and the audience/ reader creating and making meaning- Roland Barthes The Death of the Author is where to start- Possibly also look at Nicholas Bourriaud, Postproduction

    Consider further what the social and cultural implications are for this type of immersive activity- is it positive or negative for society? How does it change or relationship with reality- visual and social? E.g when the film Avatar came out there were many articles describing in the audiences the condition of the Avatar Blues- i.e. the world was perceptually more beautiful in the film than in our reality
    So far what criticisms have there been of gaming practices- how do these things connect to the notion of the Avatar for example- you need to dig deeper ?
    You could also shape your discussion in the technical evolution and the various different platforms these activities exist on . Again are there implications for technology and the relationship we have with it- look at the notion of the Post human.

  4. Chapter 1 - thoughts: so 'postmodernism' is characterised by its destabilisation of 'reality' - i.e. relativism - you could argue that as a society we have come to accept that 'all' realities are 'virtual' in so much as we make our own. Use postmodernism to arrive at Baudrillard in readiness for Chapter 2...

    Chapter 2 - Baudrillard argues that we've 'lost' reality... in order to lose it, it must first have existed in some concrete way... however, you can use poststructrualist ideas (Barthes for example, and also Derrida) to argue that all realities are 'constructed' by their users - i.e. all realities are virtual, and therefore cannot be 'surrendered' or 'lost'.

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